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23.09.2006- 30. 11.2011                    Ph.D. Materials Engineering , Materials and Energy Research Center  


23.09.2001- 21.09.2004                     M.Sc. Materials Engineering, Materials and Energy Research Center    


 23.09.1997- 24.07.2001                    B.Sc.  Materials Engineering, ImamKhomeini International University                  





 Z. Khakpour, A. A. Yuzbashi, A. Maghsoudipour, K. Ahmadi, ̎ Electrical conductivity of Sm-doped CeO2 electrolyte produced by two-step sintering ̎, Solid State Ionics, 227 (2012) 80-85.

 Z. Khakpour, A. Maghsoudipour,  A. A. Yuzbashi, K. Ahmadi,   ̎ Electrical behavior of Gd-doped CeO2 electrolyte ceramics sintered from nanopowders prepared by mechanical alloying process ̎, J Materials Science, Materials in Electronic, 23 (2012) 786-794.

Z. Khakpour, A. A. Yuzbashi, A. Maghsoudipour, K. Ahmadi,    ̎ Synthesis of Nanosized Gadolinium Doped Ceria Solid Solution by High Energy Ball Milling ̎, Powder Technology, 214 (2011) 117-121.

C. Falamaki, Z. Khakpour, A. Aghaie, ̎ Zirconia-zircon Composite Microfilteration  Membrane on Porous Alumina Supported  ̎, Journal of Membrane Science, 263 (2005) 103.



Advanced ceramic (synthesis and fabrication methods)

Characteristics of ionic oxide structures in electronic and energy technologies (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell)